LAMP TYPE: Use LED Lamps:  LEDs have very long lamp life, up to 70,000 hours, and are more efficient than Incandescent, High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide. LEDs can be dimmed and rapidly switched, unlike HPS and MH lamps. They can be aimed more accurately to control light distribution.

   Use Lamps with a COLOUR TEMPERATURE 3000 K or Less. Their light is yellowish to amber, which produces less glare than higher colour temperature lamps, and has less effect on the biorhythms of humans and animals than does white light.

FIXTURE CLASSIFICATION (BUG ratings) – Backlight, Uplight and Glare

Uplight = 0 (otherwise known as fully shielded) is a MUST: Zero uplight means no light shining upward, which greatly reduces sky glow

Backlight and Glare = 2 (less is highly recommended). Keeping backlight and glare to a minimum keeps light directed downwards, not sideways. This reduces light trespass and glare.

LIGHTING CONTROLS: Do not use “dusk to dawn” controls (photocell only), because lights stay on all night whether needed or not, wastes energy, lessens lamp life, and affects wildlife (may also bother neighbours).

       Use time of night control: Includes a timer in addition to the photocell; program to be on only at times the lights are needed, which saves energy and lamp life, and provides a “we’re at home” appearance.

       BEST: Use Motion Sensor Control: Includes a motion sensor in addition to the photocell. The sensor reacts to infrared (heat) movement; set the sensitivity to avoid activation by animals and wind.                            Set limited on-time to save energy. Draws attention to activity on your property (good security). Be sure the light is not activated by people passing by or your neighbours in their own yards!

* If acceptable lights are not stocked in your local retail store, request that they be ordered.