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FOR SALE: 12″ GSO Dobsonian telescope

  • Base
  • Eyepieces
    • 2x Barlow Lens (Orion)
    • Celestron X-Cel 18mm
    • 10mm wide angle Speers-waler (Anteres)
    • Erfle 32mm (Anteres)
  • 8x 50mm Finder, correct-image right angle
  • Telrad reflex sight
  • Night vision LED flashlight
  • Collimator
  • 110v power brick 12v 500ma
  • Power cords (car plug) long & short
  • Numerous books
  • Accessories case
  • Original shipping box
  • Original cost approx $ 2,000

Asking $ 975.00 for all (+ shipping if req’d)

Contact: Brian – email – 250-415-8586 (Victoria)

FOR SALE: Atlas Coeli 1950.0 antiquarian star atlas

  • 4th enlarged edition, 1962
  • Enlarged copy, 23” x 14”
  • Linen cover
  • 16 star maps

Asking $75 plus shipping

Contact Rita email or text to +1 (250) 218-8728 (Comox)