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FOR SALE: 12″ GSO Dobsonian telescope

  • Base
  • Eyepieces
    • 2x Barlow Lens (Orion)
    • Celestron X-Cel 18mm
    • 10mm wide angle Speers-waler (Anteres)
    • Erfle 32mm (Anteres)
  • 8x 50mm Finder, correct-image right angle
  • Telrad reflex sight
  • Night vision LED flashlight
  • Collimator
  • 110v power brick 12v 500ma
  • Power cords (car plug) long & short
  • Numerous books
  • Accessories case
  • Original shipping box
  • Original cost approx $ 2,000

Asking $ 975.00 for all (+ shipping if req’d)

Contact: Brian – email – 250-415-8586 (Victoria)

FOR SALE: Takahashi TOA-150B & Astro-Physics 900GTO complete system

  • Takahashi TOA-150B – 6″ f/7.3 Double ED APO Triplet Refractor with 4″ Focuser (3 to 6 month waiting list)
  • Astro-Physics 900GTO mount with GTOCP3 incl wooden boxes.
  • Astro-Physics portable pier 8″ (34 and 16″ high tubes)
  • Astro-Physics rotating pier adapter (discontinued)
  • Astro-Physics Standard pier adapter (discontinued)
  • Takahashi 6″ tube rings double ring tube holder179WT with bridging plate and custom aluminum piggyback mounting plate
  • BT Technologies dovetail plate
  • Astro-Physics counterweight shaft for 900GTO 14″ & 19.5″
  • 3 Astro-Physics counterweights 18lbs ea
  • Takahashi TOA-67FL Flattener 4″
  • TKA31583 Takahashi finder scope 7×50
  • Takahashi finder illuminated reticle for finder scope & bracket
  • Takahashi Extender TOA-1.6x
  • Takahashi TOA/FS Reducer TKA31580S
  • Astro-Physics Maxbright 2″ mirror diagonal
  • 2 Takahashi Extension Tubes 72mm
  • Eyepieces
    • Teleview Radian 4mm eyepiece
    • Teleview 13mm Nagler Type 6
    • Teleview 24mm Panoptic
    • Teleview Nagler 9mm
    • Teleview Nagler 31mm Type 5 eyepiece
    • Teleview Nagler 3mm-5mm zoom
    • Teleview 2x Powermate 2″
    • OMCON 17mm Plossl
    • Orion EZ Finder deluxe red dott finder
  • Lumicon Oxygen III Filter 2″
  • Orion UltraBlock Filter 2″
  • Astro-Physics Polar Alignment Scope
  • Orion 9mm Plossl Illuminated Reticle eyepiece corded
  • TSA-102 CA 35 Camera Adapter with T-ring for Canon EOS
  • Dew Buster Dew Heater Controller
  • 5 DewNot Dew Heater Strips

Asking $27,375 – prefer to sell as a whole, but willing to part out (list of parts & individual prices)

Contact Gary email (Kelowna)

FOR SALE: Atlas Coeli 1950.0 antiquarian star atlas

  • 4th enlarged edition, 1962
  • Enlarged copy, 23” x 14”
  • Linen cover
  • 16 star maps

Asking $75 plus shipping

Contact Rita email or text to +1 (250) 218-8728 (Comox)

FOR SALE: ZWO ASI183MC Pro one shot colour camera

ZWO ASI183MC Pro one shot colour astrophotography camera has seen very little use and is in pristine condition. It’s small pixels (2.4 uM) make it idea for deep sky work or planetary detail. As a cooled camera, it produces consistent very low-noise images and has a quantum efficiency of 84%. Detailed specs.

Asking $950

Contact Doug MacDonald – email or call 250-884-2646