RASCals of Cattle Point


Come to the Oak Bay waterfront and view the night skies above the Cattle Point Star Park, with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada: Victoria Centre. Astronomy in the Star Park is planned as a monthly event. This event will happen on Fridays closest to the first quarter phase of the Moon (or the last quarter as noted by a specific date). Plan to come a few minutes early if you’re setting up a telescope. Cattle Point is one of only two Urban Star Parks in Canada, where artificial lighting is strictly controlled and education in place about the benefits of reducing light pollution.

When you’re observing through someone’s telescope, please do not touch it. Just put your eye up to the eyepiece and observe. Many of the telescopes you see are carefully aligned to the night sky and bumping or handling them will knock them off target, and possibly ruin their alignment. Please park with your headlights facing away from the waterfront, to minimize the impact to people’s night sight.

Please ensure that you use only red light flashlights at this event, as white lights will ruin the night vision of everyone trying to enjoy the night sky. Please also be careful when you walk around in the dark. Many of the telescopes will be powered, so there will be cables on the ground. Please also limit the use of green lasers, which are great for pointing out stars, but very bad for scaring pilots. Make sure you dress warmly, as it gets very cold at night when you’re standing around. Above all, make sure to bring your scientific curiosity and a sense of wonder!

Gallery of photos taken at Cattle Point

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  1. Lianne Stotz says:

    I run a Cubs group and was wondering if it would be appropriate to bring them to one of the RASCals nights at Cattle Point. What exactly happens at these nights? Is there any discussion? Are the kids able to look in the telescopes? we have 11 Cubs. Thanks. Lianne